Saturday, December 24, 2011

From North Mole Fremantle

Fabulous weather here today and a great day to relax at the beach. Driving onto North Mole the brightly coloured yellow and red buoys at the entrance to Fremantle Port stood out against the green lighthouse at the end of the South Mole. It was a quiet day for boats when I took this shot although you can see one off into the distance towards the point of Garden Island. 


  1. Sounds like a fine day. We celebrate Christmas today, or Jul as we call it over here. Popping down to the beach would be a mistake I think as it is only 5C here. And the snow we had a couple of days ago is now gone.

  2. The colours in this are to die for, Rae. I love that the horizon is so clearly delineated. Often over here, at the moment, it is not. The weather is just all over the place, tossing up inversions and muddying the atmosphere. I have high hopes for the weather today: fine and 26C. Sounds perfect.

    Enjoy your day with family and friends, Rae.