Monday, November 28, 2011

Stories from The Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route Exhibition at the Perth Convention Centre closed on Sunday, but the vivid memories of the artwork and the heartfelt stories told remains.

Purlpa is my mummy's Country near Mungarlu. My mother walked with my three brothers right down to Jigalong. On the way they stopped at Sunday Well. Whitefellas used to shoot people here and just leave them lying on the ground. [My family] were just travelling through here. When they saw the white people shooting they ran away to Puntawarri.

Hayley Atkins
Old people don't talk too much. I didn't know my family were bush people till I did that painting with Milly. Now I want to know everything.

This is the Canning Stock Route. This is the big hill here where, a long time ago, my mother, father, my sister Amy, and my brother used to live. We would sometimes climb up on that hill and see drovers. They put the government well [26] next to Tiwi jurnu [soak] when they were building the stock route.

You can find out more about this Exhibition here


  1. Beautiful vibrant artwork Rae, such sad words though, we have no idea have we!

  2. These are great Rae! Beautiful post.