Friday, November 25, 2011

On the Beach

Driving back from Fremantle today, above the house tops I could see the sails from the kite surfers at Leighton Beach. Too good an opportunity to miss, I turned off the highway to take a closer look. Whilst I would love to "have a go" at this sport, seeing the strong westerly wind this afternoon made me think just how taxing it must be on the arms and legs, let alone the rest of the body. Kite surfing looks like an exciting water sport but I am sure I am set to remain an onlooker from the shores. 


  1. Me too Rae, it's one of those sports that are 'so good' to watch from the shore!! You've captured them beautifully. I hope your roses from yesterday smelled as good as they looked, that heat was killing, thank goodness for a respite over the weekend.

  2. I often go kite surfing ... in my dreams.