Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I will hopefully now be settling into a couple of days in Wellington New Zealand after almost a week in Washington DC - a great place to visit and this time to experience a whole range of weather including snow while out and about last Saturday. And it was only the end of October!

One of the many Museums I enjoyed visiting in Washington was the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Roy Litchenstein's Brushstroke outside the Museum is shown here. Inside, Andy Warhol's Shadows was on exhibitionWhat an amazing installation with over eighty panels of Warhol's work that disappear around the corner of one exhibition space to continue in the next. With more than a dozen different hues and paint that has been applied with what looks like great gusto, the  resulting streaks and trails of paint add to the Shadows images.  Photography was not allowed in the exhibition space but there was no shortage of photo opportunities in the sculpture garden outside.


  1. Wonderful that you had a great time Rae.

  2. I'm a Litchenstein fan so loved this photo Rae. Enjoy NZ

  3. Come home Rae PM is on the way to save Europ0e-we need a sensible female leader back in the country