Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The High Line

The High Line is a real gem in New York City. Over 1.5 kms of old elevated train track has been reclaimed as a public park bringing a different perspective to the city. According to my Lonely Planet pocket guide, the tracks follow a road once known as 'Death Avenue' (now tenth Avenue). In the heyday of shipping many a horse, driver and pedestrian lost their life if crossing too slowly. The rail tracks were raised above the ground in 1934 and used until 1980. Due to lack of use the tracks were to be demolished in 2002 until locals suggested the creation of a public pathway above the city roads.

An enjoyable and unique New York City walk located alongside the Meatpacking district.  


  1. There is a blog in NYC (the Greenwich Village one perhaps) that spent a couple of weeks, walking us along this maybe three or four years ago. Such insight (and persuasive powers) to bring this to fruition.

  2. Very interesting...
    I would like to discover the view from it myself !


  3. What a grand idea. I never knew this existed. Another item for my to do list.