Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World and the Olson House

A fascinating visit to the Farnsworth Museum in Maine to see the exhibition Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World and the Olson House. Olson's House, pictured, has been named as a National Historic Landmark.

This exhibition features approximately fifty watercolors and drawings of the lives of Alvaro and Christina Olson and the Cushing, Maine house in which they lived as seen through the eyes of artist Andrew Wyeth.  A rare and moving opportunity to see these artworks and visit the house  featured in these works.  

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  1. Wyeth found inspiration in the Olson estate, visiting the home so often that he was given its use, one of the bedrooms on one of the upper floors to use as an art studio. He painted there for over 30 years. He will be sadly missed. We always have Cushing, Maine!