Thursday, October 27, 2011

Across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan

Over the weekend, I decided to walk across Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan after my original plans to go to the Dumbo neighbourhood were dashed when I boarded the wrong Metro train. Alighting in Brooklyn, it was a bit of an adventure finding the direction to go in as the map I had with me only covered Manhattan. In the end with a bit of luck and persistence I found my way to Brooklyn Bridge.

There must have been thousands of people walking across the bridge that day as part of a walk for the prevention of diabetes. Nothing like walking in the opposite direction to a walkathon! Still I made it and despite much of the side of the bridge being covered in while repair work is undertaken, there were great opportunities to enjoy panoramic views of Manhattan. To finish off the day, it was then it was off to a late afternoon show of the fabulous Broadway show Follies. A sumptuous meal then followed. Quite a day!


  1. Great post Rae. Lovely talking to you today.

  2. Amazing shot Rae, sounds like you had a brilliant day.

  3. It had to be well spent day. Panorama is spectacular. Warm greetings sent peter.