Thursday, September 29, 2011

Times Square NYC


My first foray into New York's street. Times Square is just up from where I am staying and to get some bearings of the directions in the city as well as a late evening meal I walked to this iconic New York landmark. I was not prepared for the impact on my senses as I stepped out from 44th Street West into Times Square. What a buzz.


  1. New York New York!! I'm sure you had to pinch yourself to see if you weren't dreaming.
    I look forward to more of your U.S. posts along the way.
    Travel safe.
    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  2. How fun! I have never been but hope to get there one day.

  3. Love it and looking forward to more from US.

  4. There is no better way to start a holiday in New York. Buzz .. is certainly the right word.