Monday, September 5, 2011

Only the Finest Australian Wines Served Here!

Dinner at a friend's home over the weekend meant that only the finest Australian wine is on offer. Did we bring along any? Of course. A bottle of our own Red Gully wine from the vineyard at Nannup. A pretty good drop if I do say so myself. As we were welcomed by our host the small gnome tucked away in the corner near the front door caught my attention. I must admit to having a curious liking of gnomes. But if you really want to see gnomes on show in Western Australia, the place to go is Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley were 3000 gnomes have migrated from across Australia and overseas. I have one or two in my own garden. But 3000? Never! 


  1. Yes, the Australian wine I drank several times. It's good. As for the dwarfs, so here a few years bala directly dwarf - mania. Sold for roads, the markets, people are built into the gardens of houses. Somewhere along the roads they were on sale throughout the crowds. Hello to Perth, Australia! Peter.

  2. I'm very jealous that you have your own wine Rae! Is it available in the UK?
    A few gnomes are acceptable (and this one is cute) but people tend to go overboard with them too often! They make me think of "Amelie".

  3. I have one too Rae and I thought that was enough, but she is just hilarious! Like Craig I'm wondering too, is your wine available here in Perth (surely!!) would love to try it, will keep my eyes open!

  4. My favorite local wine shop offers many Australian wines!