Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting for Spring's Arrival

In  June this year, I posted a photo of this tree. It was mid winter then and a chilly morning with the sun reaching across a barren Perry Lakes Reserve. The image of the tree has stayed with me and I have since written a short poem to be included in a small book I am putting together. In commenting, Julie - Sydney Eye - suggested revisting the tree as Steffe does from time in time in Photos from Haninge. So here it is. The first photo of this tree, Ode to Winter is here.


  1. Same tree, completely different look Rae, love the crisp blue sky in this one, looks cold.

  2. Bella composizione e colori stupendi!
    Have a nice day Rae

  3. It looks so different without the winter chill Rae. Beautiful sky and greens.

  4. Yes, I remember the light and color in that winter photograph. Good idea to revisit. It is a beautiful setting!

  5. I loved that first photo and the vibrant colours on the thumbnail for this one pulled me right in, Rae.

    PS - you probably worked out that the "Sheds Perth" comment above is some sort of spambot. I've had a couple of them.