Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sitting at the Edge of an Old Pond

A creek surrounded by native trees flows through the five dams at the bottom of the vineyard - an inviting place to walk or to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

 Sitting at the edge of an old pond
Leaves floating by
Water trickling
Absorbed in illusions and reflections
From the brown surface
More enchanting
Than the outer world.


  1. Brilliant reflection! Very much like an impressionist painting... love this.
    Cheers from Montreal.

  2. Another brilliant reflection Ray, or is is Mdme Gauguin instead of Monet?

  3. Beautiful colourings in these reflections - a place to sit and ponder!

  4. Love the reflections of the tall trees in the Dam, the ode to the image is so perfect Rae.

  5. Rays of light are strange beasts when disturbed, Rae. Lovely shot. A friend put me onto a meditation called 'Calm mind" and its central motif is the ripples on a pond. These ripples could work as well, too.

  6. I must admit, I just love reflections and the dam has a combination of ripples and smooth surface areas. We are starting to build a small "infinity" deck amongst the trees and to look out over this dam. It's a great spot for meditation Julie and definitely calms the mind.