Thursday, July 14, 2011


From the verandah's edge
Thoughts turned inwards
As old wood burns
And embers fly.



  1. Fascinating flames. Good and evil. But there are good and I can see the roast on the grill. Hello! Peter.

  2. Some areas under cultivation, and other areas still being cleared. Nannup .. nappup ... how far down is nannup ... midway between Marg River and Perth but a bit inland ... ? Should google it ...

  3. Just took my own advice ... level with MR but inland ... surrounded by the high timbers?? ... a bit of a hike from Perth just for the weekend, no?

  4. Julie, Nannup is a bit of a hike from Perth - almost 4 hours if I drive usually after work on a Friday afternoon. It's a beautiful place with forest surrounds - used to be a timber town. It's also a bit like the centre of the universe with access to Margaret River, Augusta, Pemberton and other SW towns and retains much of it's old country town charm. Great place to get away from it all.

    We cook and keep warm (it gets quite cold at Nannup) with wood fires and as some of the property has natural trees have a bit of tidying up to do and burn offs during the winter season. Hence this pic.

  5. If I can just put my hands to the screen it might warm me up.

  6. Great shot Rae, love the words and also the way the trees show through the smoke in blurry mystical shapes.