Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winter Moon

Evening stillness
Winter moon
Trees standing bare
Stripped -
Of everything


  1. I agree with Jim, gorgeous Rae. Such a shame we couldn't get the eclipse this morning because of the clouds, would have been great to see.

  2. Beautiful shot !
    I love the contrast between the colors.
    Nice subject too...
    Greetings from France,


  3. I was expecting it to be orange rather than silver Rae as I'd read that Australia was the best place to witness the lunar eclipse. But what a beautiful silver moon you captured!

  4. Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments. Appreciate your comments Jim and Pierre. Like you Grace I had been hoping for a better view of the eclipse. Craig, I nearly called this post Silver Moon!


  5. There's so much to like about this post. Like how the light on the tree is warm sunlight but we are looking at a photo of the moon. And the branches of that tree and the crispy leaves. And all those opposites. Night and day... hot and cold... sun and moon... you've even got opposite colours blue and orange.