Monday, June 27, 2011

Out for a Motor

I was taken, and so were many others, with this car outside the Car Museum in York on Sunday. Going for a "motor" is a real treat and when I can, I get out in my 1975 Jag with it's beautifully finished dashboard, "climate control" and lots of other "new age" gadgets. Fancy as today's cars are, it's just not the same!


  1. I love cars...
    Cars follow our life....


  2. That shot is just so right in b&w Rae. Love it!

  3. Great perspective. I love the low angle view of this fabulous classic.

  4. Perhaps when it comes to cars, I may be a bit like " the way we were" Pierre. Still I love my old Jag but must admit would not want to drive it around town all the time. It's so long to squeeze into a car park and the petrol consumption....well that really is from days long past.

    Craig and Doug, thx for your comments.


  5. So you have a 1975 jag and a winery... definitely keeping you on my contact list for any potential return to Aus:-)

  6. *grin* at Alan's comment.

    So ... how about a photo of the jag! Pulease ...

  7. Alan, look forward to seeing you over here when you want a change from the UK and feel like experiencing some of The West scenery and hospitality.

    Ok Julie, will make sure my racing green colour Jag is all polished and get the pic when I next go out "motoring".