Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Under Construction to Orbit

I have always been fascinated with watching machines made from bits and pieces that take us on a journey sometimes like this one, into orbit and at other times to nowhere in particular other than into our imagination. Through special effects the magic of the moment is captured. Such machines always have "something" falling that sets off chain reactions. Interest aroused, in anticipation I await curiously for the reactions to be triggered again and again.

For Ian Burn's extraordinary installation From Orbit, it was a toy falling to a conveyor belt and past a video camera that captures the "flight" which then appears on the screen. An elaborate way to "take off" at AGNSW! 
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  1. Just perfect for "under construction" theme.
    What a great setting!

  2. I love the way you've taken that photo Rae, the background looks equally impressive!!

  3. What a fantastic contraption! Can I have one to play with?

  4. Dianne, this.
    Jim, an interesting version of a "do nothing machine" I think. Love such machines.
    Grace, thx. And the background is part of the very impressive art Gallery NSW. Always enjoy visiting there.
    Craig, would be great fun to have a tinker.


  5. Looks really interesting in the faux greek context doesnt it