Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For the Coffee Table

On the weekend, the Gourmet Food and Wine Festival was in full swing at York's historic Town Hall. My favourite Festival tastings were these delicious buttery biscuits as well as superb sheep's cheese, dipping olive oil, dukkah, chilli sauces,  red capsicum relish, chilli corn relish (yes I love chilli) and much more!

With the town abuzz with a Festival atmosphere and a relaxed Sunday crowd, it was  well worth the short drive (just under a 100kms) from Perth. I left the Festival with my arms full of goodies for the family to savour and enjoy over the next few months.


  1. It looks to taste very good...
    I would like to get one !


  2. Yummy I could do with one of those right now Rae, nice cup of coffee..perfect!! I completely forgot about the York festival, it's so interesting out there. I didn't get a chance to look at yesterdays posts with my eye 'thing', your car capture is fantastic, I love the angle you took it from, gives the car an even more impressive frontage than it already has, beautiful motor.

  3. Pierre, having my evening cuppa and could certainly do with a taste treat! Hope you are surviving the weather in France well.

    The Festival was great fun Grace. Thanks for your comment re the car pic and hope you are recovering well from your eye op. Take care. Rae