Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Evening Boundary Rider

There is always work to be done on the vineyard, even late into the evening. The next BIG job is pruning. No machines for our family operations of about 6000 vines. All hand pruning. We will be starting in the next few weeks and my hands are aching already just thinking about it!  Still this work amongst the vines gives opportunity for reflection and renewal and for me, a strong feeling of connection to the land and to time through the cycle of the passing seasons. 


  1. Gorgeous sepia tones in that image Rae. I should image all that pruning will be back breaking work Rae, do you get students in to help out or do you round up all the family?

  2. Thanks Rae !
    It remember me my youth when i lived in south of France...


  3. I used to watch the pruning by hand at the back of my garden in Cognac, in the middle of the coldest part of the year! Is grape harvesting automated with you though, with those huge machines?
    Lovely tones by the way.

  4. Lovely shot with the silhouette, Rae. I agree with the feeling of connection to the land that pruning provides. I don't have enough connection nowadays.

  5. I really like this photo, Rae. I'm tempted to use the word "juxtaposition", but that might sound snooty:-)