Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brief Conversations

He is leaving
Tomorrow, he says
For Vietnam.
A collector of art
Saying farewell.


  1. Excellent photograph with consummate framing and mood. It is perfectly matched with your poem.

  2. This is wonderful, Rae. Was it fluked or did he pose for you? Gorgeous either way. Has such a feeling of forever to it. The mono for me, emphasises the thinking of the person.

  3. Thank you for your comment Doug. The shot was taken just as it happened. I was fortunate Julie to be just passing by and was able to easily park the car. The words are from the brief conversation we had. I had also been playing with some mono earlier and it just seemed right for this shot.

  4. Hi Rae - the monochrome works beautifully with that shot. Lovely words too!

  5. I'm with Julie, this is a really unique shot. It has huge visual impact, a real "stop me in my tracks' kind of shot, Rae.