Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where the Mailbox Should Be

City Daily Photo has a Theme Day each month. This month's theme is Mailboxes. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


  1. Can you rebuild the child's bike to a mailbox? What an idea.... Great shot for that theme day.

  2. The colours of this are just so Australian, Rae. I love the humour too.

  3. Love it, so typically Australian.

  4. Lew14, I like that mailbox idea.
    Julie, Dianne, Grace, Jim, glad you like it.
    Julie, you are right, there is a bit of a story here. A little while ago I put up a blog photo of the Nannup Fenceline showing bikes (there are about 50) attached to the fence. This photo is taken at the gate. What is interesting is the odd bike being added to the fence, or at times it appears some of the seats, chains and so on are recycled to repair more useable bikes.