Friday, May 27, 2011

Wall Drawing at AGNSW

I took this photo looking up from the lower level of the AGNSW to the next floor where people were taking turns to draw a line on the glass wall. This process was engaging for both participants who were absorbed in line drawing and for those, like me, who looked on and were absorbed in watching the intensity of this process. The vibrancy of the sky and the refraction of  light through the glass made for attention grabbing vision. 


  1. I first thought it was a sculpture. Great shot!

  2. Wow, that's a superb shot Rae! Like the other poster I thought that it was a sculpture of some kind. Well done!

  3. A very different angle Rae - I like it!

  4. Great shot well spotted, Rae. Have you had your few days in Melbourne yet?

  5. Did we have a sky as blue as that over the last week? We seem to have had nearly all possible types of weather in the last 7 days!

  6. Zezoo, mostlyjakarta, Thx, I can see where the sculptural feel would come from.

    Craig, thx.
    Dianne, until I looked through the camera, I did not see some of the possibilities for this shot.

    Alan, have had my very short time in Melbourne; will post some pics in a day or so, then back to Perth. Looking forward to my next trip to Melbourne.

    Julie, I was there for the tail end of the good weather, although certainly had a good enough dose of rainy times in Melbourne.