Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Two of Us

Photo taken cnr High and Cliff Streets Frementle.


  1. Two bikes and a wedding. I didn't know that Perth has old buildings. Good to have Perth photographs as part of City Daily Photo.

  2. Is it appropriate to say then 'that's something warm and throbbing between their legs'?

  3. great photo..

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  4. This could so easily be a scene from a provincial Italian town:-) I think that might even be a Fiat in the corner.. lovely composition, Rae.

  5. Lovely shot Rae - The building has taken on a soft blush of pink which is complimentary to the bridal party. Love the bikes!

  6. Mostlyjakarta, Freo has many older buildings, especially where this photo was taken - the historic West End of the town. A great spot to wander through on the weekend and delighted to have photos of Perth as part of City Daily Photo.
    Grace, thx.
    Julie, I had been trying to come up with a better title....
    Zezoo, thx. and will check out your blog.
    Alan, thx for your comments. Yes I wanted to keep the view of the blue car in the photo.
    Dianne, thx and love the bikes too!