Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Nose

The restoration of the historic Guidlford Hotel has remained in limbo since all but the external walls burnt down in September 2008. With all the delays in restoration, a local action group has been formed. That no roof has been constructed to protect the building is a major issue commented upon. Banners with poignant messages just like the one here which was up when I went past last week, bring public attention to the issue. The socks tied to the fence are part of the campaign which I understand are to say that it's all "on the nose".  


  1. Hi Rae - This made me laugh! I've never seen socks used in a protest but hopefully it will get the message across and the Guildford Hotel will be restored. You captured the moment!

  2. I've one or two socks who didn't find their pair... ;-)
    Great !


  3. She's a grand old lady and deserving of all the attention.

  4. I think it was a beautiful mansion they it will get it's beauty

  5. Dianne, Pierre, there certainly seems to be some very creative thinking behind the campaign.

    Craig, Saeid agree with your sentiments. It will be interesting to see exactly how long it takes before there is action to restore the old hotel.

    Will keep you posted.