Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Historic New Norcia

It was warm and dusty when I visited New Norcia this week to explore this historic town. An easy 132kms drive from Perth, the town is on the Great Northern Highway. Established in 1847 by Benedictine Monks, New Norcia is an amazing sight amidst surrounding farmlands. Dust rose with each passing car in the picnic grounds, but somehow the contemplative atmosphere of the town pervaded. The photos above include the old flour mill, the bell from the Abbey Church and what is now the Art Gallery and Museum. A truly unique town. Of course, I bought a loaf of the famous New Norcia bread (I like the delicious multgrain fruit loaf) before leaving and look forward to a return visit later this year.


  1. Thanks Pierre, it is beautful country and colouring out there. Rae

  2. I have heard much about this town, but not been there.

  3. Worth taking the time if you are here to visit Julie. I would like to go back for a retreat....just seems such a peaceful and interesting place to go.