Monday, May 30, 2011

Elizabeth Farm

After a hectic day or so in Sydney, it was time to take a break and to see and do something different. For some years, every time I have visited Sydney it has been my intention to take the hour long ride on the "River Cat" to Parramatta. And this was to be it! A refreshing break from the city and a chance to visit some of the historic buildings in the Parramatta area. From the ferry, I set out for Elizabeth Farm taking the walkway along the peaceful riverbanks before turning towards the old historic homestead of pioneering legends John and Elizabeth Macarthur. My visit to the homestead was rewarded with the opportunity to relax on the verandah or in one of the many rooms to ponder life in Parramatta in earlier times. These photos are a small taste of the beautful gardens that surround the homestead.   


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time Rae, beautiful photos.

  2. Love the peeking round curtain into the garden - pretty capture!