Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captured: The Fremantle Hotel

The old Fremantle Hotel building in High Street is just to the east of the Roundhouse and was one of the early jazz venues in Fremantle. The building is now owned by Notre Dame University and is captured on the right in these reflections of the streetscape.


  1. That is just so clever Rae, imagine you seeing that image so clearly like that, I absolutely love it!

  2. A great capture Rae - I'm continually looking for reflection on glass shots - this one is very impressive!

  3. A refreshing perspective Rae. Congrats.

  4. Very clever shot. I would imagine that this type of shot isn't easy to pull off, but you did it!

  5. Grace, Craig, my friend had such such big glasses on, I decided I just needed to give it a try. It was't that easy to pull off and while I am also captured in the lens and look a distance away, it was more like getting a macro shot.

    Dianne, I am just taken with reflections as well. Hard to walk past a window without taking a snap.

    Joe, thx.

    Ms. Givens, welcome and thx.