Friday, March 18, 2011

Point Wild, Elephant Island

Inhospitable Point Wild is named after Frank Wild, Shackelton's second in command. The "Endurance" crew would move there from Cape Valentine seeking a better refuge.

Point Wild would be home to some of the Endurance crew for months as they awaited rescue. Shacketon and his hand picked crew left in the life boat James Caird to head for South Georgia and rescue. For the crew remaining at Point Wild, shelter was created by overturning the two remaining life boats that were nicknamed "The Snuggery". Wild's Camp Routine consisted of:
7.00 the cook rises
9.00 penguin steaks & smoke-oh
a.m. hunting, skinning, repairs
12.30 light soup, fried biscuit
p.m. continue daily tasks
4.30 seal hoosh, banjo music, songs, smoke-oh

As we pass Point Wild, the weather is cold and stormy. Through the sea mist we catch a glimpse of Point Wild. We then have our last sighting of land as we head for the South Orkney Islands.

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